The Development And Designing Of Jobs Essay

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To fully understand the way organizations function, Ray Fisman and Tim Sullivan examine nearly all the components involved in creating a successful operation. In the second chapter Fisman and Sullivan (F&S) discuss the development and designing of jobs. To help their readers gain a complete sense of this process, F&S examined the police force and how they function. They reviewed a study conducted by Peter Moskos, a Harvard sociology graduate student. In his efforts to gain full access to the process, Moskos became an official police officer of Baltimore for the duration of his research. In his participant-observation, Moskos acquired first-hand knowledge of the complicated work environment. F&S described his accounts through a series of subset questions including how the job itself is designed, how to incentivize workers, and how to hire the right person for the given job. Upon his first encounters with the police chief Moskos was permitted to pursue his study as long as he committed to becoming a working officer, the chief made it clear that a ride along would not be tolerated. With this in mind, Moskos underwent the brutal “quasi-military regime” during training and proceeded to become an officer (F&S 60). Despite Moskos’ anecdotes, F&S aimed to expose the flaws evident in the design of the police force. To begin, F&S stress the importance of finding the right incentive for workers. Because police officers are multi-task operators, there is much debate and controversy…

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