The Devastating Results of Divorce on Children Essay

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The Devastating Results of Divorce on Children

The Devastating Results 2

The sanctity of marriage, created by God, was intended for one man and one woman for life. At the Fall of man sin entered the world, and our fleshly desires began governing our actions and decisions. This is evident as we have seen our divorce rates reach nearly 50 percent. The no fault divorce has enabled us to make divorce such an easy “decision of convenience” for struggling marriages, and as a result we have become desensitized to its devastating ramifications. Though it is the adults who determine to dissolve the commitment, it is the children who suffer the greatest
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However, with the convenience of the no-fault divorce, the number of divorces has risen drastically, and consequently, so have the number of children who suffer the effects of their parents “decision of convenience.” Because nearly one-third of American children will suffer the heartache of divorcing parents, we must try to completely understand and comprehend the full impact that divorce has on those children. Many of the effects will result in decreased academic success and behavior problems. A variety of studies have reported that children of divorced parents experience more adjustment problems than children who grow up in nuclear families. The findings reveal that a child is affected in every area of his life, and suggest that parental divorce increases the child’s chances to suffer decreased educational success, suffer depression, engage in early sex, and use illicit drugs. (Simons, 1999) Although the divorce affects all family members, research shows that the children are the ones who suffer the most stress. Not all marriages that end in divorce suffer intense marital conflict.

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But children of divorced parents that were in these types of marriages are not only affected by the events following the breakup, but also by the dysfunctional processes that preceded the divorce. Another telling statistic is that children who were under the age of 17 years when their parents divorced

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