Essay about The Devastating Effects Of Obesity And Obesity

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The Devastating Effects of Obesity In today’s society, there are many challenges people with obesity face. Whether it is the deterioration of health which adds to their morbidity and mortality rate or just low self-esteem derived as a result of bullying and poor self-image. Ultimately the effects of obesity on mankind can be devastating. Obesity can directly and indirectly affect body organ function, metabolism, mental health, relationships, and physical activity level, amongst other aspects of human life. Knowing the effects of obesity is important to our population’s overall health and wellness. Education is the beginning of making positive and lasting change. Deterioration of health, psychological disorders, and discrimination are only some effects of obesity. These effects could be temporary or last a lifetime.
Deterioration of Health Individuals with obesity face an increase of health risk by not dieting properly and exercising. The torturous impact that obesity can cause on the body’s main organs are perishable and sometimes irreversible. Millions of individuals with obesity suffer from cardiovascular disease, hypertension, fatigue, and even some cancers are thought to be connected with obesity. Overeating is never a way to help you get through a situation. Being overweight has a domino effect, especially on your joints, limbs, and overall health. Often times this makes day to day activities difficult and simple movements painful, subsequently making it a…

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