The Determination Smart Quilt, The Mission Of The School, And Instructional Strategies

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The Strive Smart Preparatory School is located west of Denver in a predominately Latino community. The high school is surrounded by homes that are lower middle income where a majority of the students qualify for free lunches. Community quilts were made for the Strive Smart School and one of my community. The following is a comparison of both quilts, the mission of the school, and instructional strategies to determine the best way to educate English language learners using the second language acquisition theory.
Comparison of community quilts
When the Strive Smart quilt is compared to my quilt, I find more similarities than differences. Although the exact symbols are not same, the effort to provide the best education for my child mirrors the community attitude around the Strive Smart School. The directors at Strive Smart use the term “Collectivo” in their meetings and with other staff members. The Collectivo is meant to be a collective effort pledged by the staff and community to provide their students with the resources and access to higher education with the goal of going to college. Above each classroom door and trailing down the hallways are pennants from colleges throughout the United States. The students are counseled and encouraged to think about their future and which college they will attend. Although, my quilt was made prior to making the community quilt for Strive Smart the underlying are similar to the environment I raised my daughter. So I can…

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