The Destruction Of The Jews Essay

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Furthermore, the words “to pluck up and to pull down” point to the words concerning agriculture and “to destroy and to overthrow,” and “to build and to plant” signify the terms used for construction. (Jeremiah 1:10) It refers to verses 1-3 in which the text points to the last period of Judah’s statehood and the Jerusalem’s destruction in 587/6. It is important to note that the text specifically points to the “destruction of the Jews by Nebuchadnezzar, of their temple, city, and nation.” The NIB points out that since Jeremiah was a prophet of “doom and judgment,” it also indicates that he was a prophet to other nations too. The building and planting is a promise of hope and coming back of the Israelites from captivity, along with the rebuilding of the new temple and the establishment in their own land.
Harper’s commentary addresses Jeremiah’s words “Ah Lord God as a lament” signifying the “special relationship” that he is believed to have shared with God. The commentary points out that in the culture of ancient Judah, the call was initiated by the deity and in Jeremiah’s case, and this deity was Yahweh. An online commentary states a prophet 's hesitancy as free of “self- deceiving fanaticism” a method the false prophets often used. On a simultaneous note, Jeremiah might have been aware that a prophet’s life is full of pain and rejection, and as Kimchi observes, the prophet provided a complaint and an excuse exclaiming “Ah Lord, God,” and that “Truly, I do not know…

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