The Destruction Of Society In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Throughout the world, governments have put many laws and restrictions in place to limit the ideas and movements of their people. They are put in place from allowing people to create their own opinions and attempting to overthrow the government if they are unhappy. Starting in 1933 Nazi Germany would have book burnings for books they thought were harmful to their ideas, and threatened the overall status of the country. Ray Bradbury grew up in an era when book burning was not uncommon and the title, Fahrenheit 451, refers to the temperature that paper catches fire. It has been noted that Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451becuase he feared that the United States would turn to book burnings. Bradbury wrote several other stories that followed the theme of a distrust of officials, namely government, police and military. In the novel Fahrenheit 451, the use of fear to control society and destruction of property parallels that of Nazi Germany. Ray Bradbury uses Fahrenheit 451 to highlight some topics he believes will lead to the demise of society, hence the label as a dystopian novel. According to Oxford English Dictionary, a dystopian novel is one that has everything as bad as …show more content…
They would find anyone who spoke out against Hitler or the government, just like the firemen would find houses that had books which would allow people to have their own opinions. The Gestapo would only get involved if someone said something about the government; opinions that were accepted by the Nazis were not punished. That is similar to Captain Beatty’s approach, as long as Montag had the books back within a specified period of time, there was no punishment. It was when Montag’s wife and her friends reported the stash of his books that he got in trouble and was ordered to destroy his house. Unwillingly he did so, out of fear and anger he then turned the flamethrower on Captain

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