The Desolation Of The Black Death Essay

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The desolation of the black death began with the perfect storm. The first of the series of events began in 1315-1317, it was referred to as “The Little Ice Age” or “LIA.” Throughout Europe the temperature dropped down to two degrees Celsius. “The term Little Ice Age was introduced to the scientific literature by Dutch-born American geologist F.E. Matthes in 1939.” It is said to have followed the medieval warm period. During the warm period warm conditions were said to have occurred in certain parts of the world, if not globally. (This is still being argued whether or not it was all over the world or just in certain places.) It is said that there were several periods of extended cold temperatures throughout Europe. However, instead of this happening all at the same time it occurred sporadically and random. Climatologists believe that this weather could have been triggered by “solar output, changes in atmospheric circulation and explosive volcanism.” The manifestations of the weather during the Little Ice Age had times of extended bipolar lapses all over Europe this could have been extended due to the reason stated before. For example, areas of northern Europe would have very long winters and short summers with heavy rainfall. While the southern parts of Europe would have droughts and then long periods of heavy rainfall. Now because of this weather, the crops and farms were affected. Many crops couldn’t withstand the climate change; thus a famine began. Many farms were also…

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