The Desirable Qualities Of Barney Livingston Essay

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The Desirable Qualities of Barney Livingston
Barney Livingston is a male individual that encounters and overcomes challenges to eventually recognize and live his dream of becoming a medical doctor. Erich Segal, the author of the book Doctors, in which Barney Livingston is depicted, paints a picture of a boy living in 20th century New York struggling to live the life of a normal, middle class boy. Because of the hardships Barney is forced to face in downtown New York, he develops a sharp mind and an athletic figure. Barney develops a love for English and expands his vocabulary greatly in just a matter of a few years. The way in which he speaks is professional and cannot be achieved by many educated adults today. Even with a hardworking, studious attitude towards his schoolwork, he is able to achieve great athleticism in basketball. He starts performing in basketball by elementary school, and as he progresses through his school years, his skill is unmatched by others in his age group, eventually becoming the star of his high school basketball team. Livingston’s success in both the court and the classroom is sought after by all of the people that surround him. Even with his advancement as a student athlete, he finds himself in a bitter state with the fact that his father is fighting for America in the war. Barney finally finds happiness when his father arrives home from the war safe and sound, but is immediately shot back down into the dark abyss of depression when his father…

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