The Design Of Drug Court Essay

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The design of drug court came about to address the underlying cause(s) of criminal acts committed by offenders. Drug addiction and or mental health issues plague many people who found themselves in drug court; therefore, this specialty court’s job is to provide intense supervision and management of those needing treatment. The offenders are regularly tested and mandated to attendance, their participation monitored by a supervising judge. ("Specialty Courts," n.d.)
Additionally, women’s pathways to crime are different from men’s journey to crime. Girls and women run away from abusive situations and meet others willing to exploit them. Often times, criminal behavior happens as a direct result of drug use. E.g., Women and girls engage in prostitution in exchange for drugs. Sometimes these women are already using drugs as a way to cope with their stress and or underlying mental illness. (National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women, 2012)
Keywords: Rural, Women, Success, Drug Courts.
The Effectiveness of Drug Courts in Increasing Social Support to Female Addicts in Rural Areas

The Effectiveness of Drug Courts in Rural Communities
Research Purpose.
This research proposal will determine how effective drug courts have been in increasing social support to female addicts living in rural areas. The women were charged with a criminal offense either directly or indirectly related to drugs and were deemed eligible to participate in drug court programs. Effectiveness is…

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