The Design Of A New University Information Management System Essay

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Critical Thinking 6 The design of a new university information management system is a critical undertaking. It is expected that the new platform provide access to all human resources related information. Such a system will contain personal student and employee information, data relating to pertinent payroll and tax records, and financial transactions. While such a unified system offers a chance for great improvement in accessibility and efficiency, it also could introduce several risks as well. To minimize risk impact a careful study should be undertaken and the outcome considered valuable input to the design and implementation of the system moving forward.
Risk 1 - Scope Creep
The project as currently defined will be creating a single platform for access to information that is currently stored throughout several disparate platforms. The process of unifying the existing systems, combining various databases, securing and partitioning the data, and providing a consistent front-end will bring significant challenges. There are many other platforms that are not currently in the scope of the project today. As various departments are engaged for support and testing it can be assumed that calls for expansion of the planned platform will be heard.
It is suggested that the project sponsors maintain a clear message as to the project scope. According to a recent PMI report, lack managing requirements is to blame for 47% of unsuccessful projects (Project Management Institute,…

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