The Design Argument For The Existence Of God Essay

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The design argument for the existence of God follows the model: 1) In nature, things appear to work together for a clear purpose. 2) The best explanation for these relationships is that God designed these things. 3) Therefore, God exists, and designed nature. This argument contends that an intelligent designer of the world does exist, and structured the universe so that most natural things fit together for a clear purpose. This view is also referred to as the Teleological argument. Teleology means to explain the phenomena in the world by means of purpose. We can recognize that things in nature seem to be made for specific reasons that appear too fortunate to be accidental. For instance, we observe that giraffes have extremely long necks and conveniently eat from the tops of trees. We can also identify that planet earth is just the right distance from the sun and moon to sustain human life. If either of these things were less ideal, there would be drastically worse outcomes for the giraffes and humans on earth. The harmony humans witness in nature compels their belief in an intelligent designer. Although the design argument may be compelling on paper, it becomes hard to defend because of the abundance of counterarguments such as Occam’s Razor and Darwin’s theory of evolution. Before the theory of evolution was even published, Philosopher William Paley gives an example supporting this argument using a natural rock and a man-made watch. He argues that in a…

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