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The film the descent uses a range of shots, sound, editing and symbolisation to create an ominous atmosphere; in effect this makes the horror aspect in the film really stand out as it leaves the viewer deciding what happens in specific parts of the film, which all ties in with the films ending.
This all makes the film very subjective and leaves much of the opening scenes open to interpretation which is very enticing for a horror movie.

The films opening sequence contains many things which symbolise the events in the movie and starts to define what genre the movie is, because the music is fairly ambient and deep suggesting danger which implies it’s a horror or a thriller movie. When the opening credits appear light effects illuminate
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In this long shot we are able to automatically gain an idea of what sort of people they are as the shot shows them in a raft on a fast flowing waterfall/river which suggests that they are the adventurous type. The diegetic sound of laughter suggests that they enjoy what they are doing and aren’t afraid of what would frighten many people this also breaks the stereotypes of women in horror movies when they were just used in the movies for ‘eye candy’ and already from the second shot we can see this is a very women orientated movie and looks as if it wont be following the original style set up which is intriguing to any audience as it isn’t being generic.
We then get a few close up shots of the three people on the boat (Beth, Sarah and Juno) where we see exactly who is on the raft. If you scratch beneath the surface you can actually see that there is more to what they are wearing. Both Sarah and Beth are wearing blue suits and Juno is wearing a red one at first glance it doesn’t mean much but they are wearing them colours for a reason as it foreshadows how the character relations in the plot develop through out the film. Typically the colour red suggests danger and passion which is a subtle indicator to the audience that Juno isn’t too be trusted and foreshadows how Juno kills and leaves Beth in the cave and how she is having an affair with Sarah husband. Also the colour blue which Beth and Sarah are wearing symbolizes trust,

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