Essay on The Depression Of The Great Depression

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While the big businesses in Cumberland were affected by the depression, they were what kept the town from slipping too far into depression. The depression was detrimental to the Foote’s Dye and Cleaning Works. It was a high quality dry cleaning business. Even the Whitehouse sent its rugs and linens there to be cleaned. They closed down in July of 1937 when other low-budget companies took its business. The Railway system also suffered from the economic decline. The amount of freight decreased, which decreased the number of trains needed to run. That in line decreased the number of employees that were needed. A few business strikes occurred during that time. The Kelly-Springfield Tire Company, Celanese, and Taylor Tin Mill all shut down production for a short time due to violent strikes in 1936. When people lost their jobs or got laid off they went running to businesses like Kelly-Springfield because they had plenty of open positions for unskilled workers. In March of 1936 a disaster struck the town of Cumberland. It was the beginning of spring, but there was still over 40 inches of snow covering the ground in some spots. A storm began in Texas and it moved northeasterly and hit Cumberland from March 17-19. By midday on Tuesday, March 17 it had rained two inches, and by Thursday it had rained a total of five inches. The creeks in the area were already rising from melting snow, so with all the rain they rose above their banks. Will’s Creek overflowed first and Mechanic Street…

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