The Depletion Of The Earth 's Natural Resources Essay

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The depletion of the Earth’s natural resources is a problem which will affect the human race for as long as they call the planet their home. If human beings do not do something to avoid the depletion of the remainder of the Earth’s essential resources it could mean their extinction. The most important and influential solution to such a problem is the pursuit and engineering of sustainable development technologies. According to an article on the International Institute for Sustainable Development’s website, “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (IISD, 2016). This means that in order for the future of the human race to prevail and flourish on the Earth present-day human beings must not continue to destroy it. The human race cannot continue to exist on the Earth if they deplete it of all essential resources and pollute it in the horrid ways they do today. Moreover, it is especially important to note that the preservation of such essential resources can only be achieved through the work of engineers. It is only through the creation and inventing of new technologies which do not require the consumption of said resources which will assist in preserving the Earth for future generations. Engineers must focus on using cleaner, less finite resources in order to power future technologies in order to preserve the presently depleting resources. The energy sources which…

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