The Depiction Of Dracula By Bram Stoker Essay

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Throughout the years, the depiction of Dracula has changed. In the Victorian era,(1837-1901) authors had to write in a setting that strongly opposed explicit and lewd sexual content. Author Bram Stoker, lived in the era where sexual content was not yet comfortable for many of his readers. However, instead of preaching for sexual purity like the British government did during the Victorian period, Stoker did the complete opposite by implementing a mixture of darkness and sexuality into his book. If one reads Dracula by Bram Stoker they would easily be able to detect the many sexual references he alludes to through his writing mannerism. Now fast forward a whole century, where modern day takes on Dracula portray him as a family oriented man, so therefore a fear of Dracula is no longer as prominent as it once was during the Victorian period. The 1931 Bela Lugusi film gives many great examples of how women were first characterized in films. For instance, the women characters in the film Dracula exemplify innocence and purity. They stay pure and innocent until they finally come in contact with Dracula. In this film Dracula is seen as dark and feared by many. This is how Dracula lures these naive women. All Dracula films/books always have at least one petrified screaming girl within the plot. What is it that leads these women to be attracted to this creature? It is possible they are so deeply enticed by Dracula because of the unique qualities he posses. No matter what the…

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