The Department Of Health Of Puerto Rico Essay

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The Department of Health of Puerto Rico release of mortality in 2013 shows a homicide rate of 25.0 compare to 29.8 in 2011. Although a decrease occurred for 2013, in 2004 – 2008 homicide rank number 11 as a cause of death, but from 2011- 2013 made up position 7, and the first source of those homicide was drug trafficking, counting for about 60%. The easy access to the island has contributed to an increase of drugs and guns that later on are brought to USA. Nevertheless, how this entrance propagates to easily become the main cause? That’s where the others factors come to place, as everything needed to create a drug war zone is evident in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, this recession that started around 2008, which was cause due to a move from Clinton presidency in a search to fix USA budget, by cutting off funds provide to Puerto Rico that used to promote the island’s economy. To be more specific the program was the Section 936 , introduced in PR around 1976, as a way to bring employment by exempting US companies from taxes, and lasted until 2006 when the beginning of the recession for PR sets the mark. These problems go as far as the times of Luis Muñoz Martin the first governor elected by Puerto Rican, who was trying to stimulate the economy, reduce poverty and provide education, by conveying US funds through the “Operation Bootstrap” (welfare) program, to bring a better socioeconomic status. Although the idea was clearly a good one for the country, the fact that people…

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