The Demographic Transition Model And It Has 5 Stages Essay

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The wealthy have always profited off the rich. As Chris Rock put it, “Shaq is rich, the white man that signs his check is wealthy(Very Funny Chris Rock About Wealth).” By coincidence, this also happens to countries that can be wealthy, but are forced to be in poverty. The way wealth is measured in countries is by the death and birth rate. It is called the demographic transition model and it has 5 stages (Rowntree, Lester 24). The First stage is preindustrial which has high birth rates and high death rates. The second stage is a rapid fall in death rate. Once the country is in stage 5 (The United States), there is a fall in death rate and another fall in birthrate leading to no growth in population. In the case of Africa, when their wealth is not owned by the country, getting to the 2nd and 3rd stage of the demographic transition is unattainable, because of neocolonialism, man made borders made mentally and physically, and private enterprises. In Africa, neocolonialism was used to gain political and economic control for centuries. In the 7th and 8th century, the North African slave trade was a common thing for Muslim Arabs (Slavery in Africa). As empires where growing, the African people became a commodity. For over a course of a thousand years over 10 million Africans where enslaved in trans-Saharan slave trade (Slavery in Africa). Some were used as servants to the Romans to the north of the Mediterranean sea. As other slaves were used in the armies of the Arab, Turkish…

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