The Democratic State Of Indiana Essay

1982 Words Nov 15th, 2016 8 Pages
During the 2016 Gubernatorial Election in the state of Indiana, the election held up to the standards that Indiana is a historically Republican state. When looking at the election that happened on November 8th, it is essential to look at Indiana’s history as a state, Indiana’s political sub-culture, the Democratic and Republican parties in Indiana, the traditional voting patterns, and then it can be relayed to the result of the election. When looking at the result of the campaign itself, it is seen how the candidates used the campaign finance laws, their strategies, the impact on the macro-forces, and how the result tie into the history of Hoosiers in Indiana. When looking at the history of Indiana, it can be broken up into four different time periods: Indiana Territory and Statehood (1800-1816), Civil War Era (1850-1873), Indiana Way of Politics (1873-1920), and the Community and Change Since 1920. Going back to the time of the early 1800s, President John Quincy Adams appointed William Henry Harrison as the Indiana Territory Governor. As the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 took away self-government in the territories, Harrison felt the hit as governor. Here, Harrison took side with conservative supporters as they were distrustful of the government officials from Virginia. Under the Northwest Ordinance, it prohibited slavery in the territories. However, in 1802, Harrison called a territorial convention to repeal the portion of slavery in the Ordinance. Therefore, in 1805, an…

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