The Democratic Republic Of Congo Essay

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The Democratic Republic of Congo is known to be the richest country in the world when it comes to natural resources. The countries raw minerals are thought to be worth 24 trillion dollars in U.S. currency. With that being said, the level of FDI for every country is actually very important. The FDI net inflows are -$343,601,083 in 2014. The Commercial Service Exports were $163,054,886 in 2014 and the Total Merchandise Trade was 40.76%. The chart below shows five years` of FDI net flows. Imports of goods and services in 2014 were $12,872,338,390 versus the Exports of goods and services in 2014 which was $11,044,840,737. The Democratic Republic of Congo’s Exports’ rank is higher than 47.06% of countries in the data set like it says below in the chart. The Democratic Republic of Congo however does not have a very good economy. On the graph below it shows where the FDI for this country is only 3.09% higher than other countries. The closer the number is to 100% the better their economy is. The graph below shows a lot of valuable information such as FDI inflows, exports, unemployment rates, inflation, GDP per capital, and GDP growth rate of the Democratic Republic of Congo. (Democratic Republic of Congo, 2016). Getting good statistics for the Democratic Republic of Congo have not been easy. However they have started a Center for Research and Analysis of Commercial Statistics to help make sure we have relevant statistics of the DRC. There is two different ways of getting…

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