The Democratic Evolution Of America Essay

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The Democratic Evolution in America Before the year 1650, the American democracy did not yet develop into the sharing of power among all American individuals. Only the higher class of society was given the upper hand, restricting most people from being given their respective natural rights. But due to lower class oppression set by major, earlier democratic events, such as the qualifications for voting rights set by the House of Burgesses, as well as the Maryland Act of Toleration, the lower class began to stand up against the higher class citizens. This is shown in events such as the Glorious Revolution, the Stono Rebellion, and Bacon’s Rebellion. All of these events impacted and left positive, lasting effects on what developed to be democracy, which is used in America to this day. Before the year 1650 and up to 1750, some views on society remained consistent, however, many changes were made. One of the ideas that stuck between the Americans and the Europeans were that whites were superior to all other races. This view lasted until 1750. White men have always held the higher power throughout history. The House of Burgesses agreed that the qualifications on being able to vote were that one must be a white, Christian male over the age of twenty-one, and must own at least 10 acres of land. This limited voting only to the upper class citizens. Oppression of the lower class by the upper is another reoccurring pattern in history. The most obvious example of this is slavery, but…

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