The Deliverance

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John Rolfe, and English farmer, set sail on The Deliverance across the Atlantic Ocean to find land of North America. In 1610, John settled in Jamestown where just about 60 out of 500 previous settlers remained. John found out quickly that Jamestown was not what he expected. Many of the English settlers died of starvation. People that were alive would eat anything they could get their hands on, including other people. When The English settled on Jamestown they find that this land belonged to a Native American tribe, the Powhatan Nation. The Powhatan fought the settlers but did not have the weapon power that they needed to defeat them.
John Rolfe showed up to Jamestown with tobacco seeds to begin his own crop on the land. John knew there was plenty of money in the tobacco business and ended up with over a million dollars’ worth after the first harvest. John believed that luck has nothing to do with success. Rolfe marries Pocahontas, the princess of the Powhatan Kingdom. Soon after they marry, Pocahontas becomes famous from a portrait that makes its way through London to promote the new colony. About 2 years after many tobacco harvests, more settlers arrived. Some of the setters were slaves from West Africa. The Africans helped with the establishment of the colonies which resulted in 20,000 additional settlers.
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In March 1770 men began blaming British for taking their jobs and freedom. A young wig-maker apprentice started a war that would eventually turn into the Boston Massacre. The Boston massacre was advertised in the postal delivery as “The Bloody Massacre”. The Poster delivery was created by Benjamin Franklin. This was known as a great way to provide communication between the colonies. The British were not happy with this new delivery service and decided to close down Boston Harbor. This action by the British resulted in many jobs

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