Essay about The Dehumanization Of South Africa

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The dehumanization’s process of South Africans by the hands of the Afrikaners through a series of laws, education, and reinforcement created the systematic segregation of Apartheid. This system created by Afrikaners gave them full rights to manipulate and destroy an entire civilization for their gain. This process did not began overnight in fact, it started when the first Dutch discovered the Cape. Since the Europeans first interaction with the Africans they began plotting on how to successful gain access to the natives resources. Eventually with aid from Britain the settlers were able to conquer and enslave the natives while taking over their lands. In the process they began to destroy the natives’ traditional foundation through Christianity and laws. The Afrikaners tactics developed once slavery was abolished; as South Africa’s economy began to develop further, it consistently denied the Africans access to further immerse themselves in the Western European culture. Over the course of several decades starting from the 1950s, the settlers developed stricter laws which segregated the native’s fm the settlers. These laws most importantly prohibited the growth and success of the African household economically, spiritually, and politically.

Once the British found the golds mines and the diamond reefs in South Africa, they began to shift their resources from nomadic expenditure to mining. During the settlers nomadic reign on the natives land and cattle a lot of the natives land…

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