The Definitions Of Biological Motion Essay

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Definitions of Biological Motion (BM) mostly center around work by Johansson (1973) on visual motion perception through his application of point-light display. Within this context BM refers to the patterns of movement characteristic to living organisms, thereby encompassing both human and animal locomotion, insofar as it is distinct from random patterns of movement, characterized in vertebrates by non-rigid patterns constrained by skeletal structures. Studies suggesting that human sensitivity to BM is indeed not limited to human locomotion as studies have found people capable of identifying the locomotion of a variety of animals including quadrupeds such as dogs (Pavlova, Krägeloh-Mann, Sokolov, & Birbaumer. 2001). BM contains significant amounts of information providing us with cues allowing us to interpret emotions from global information (Roether, Omlor, Christensen, Giese, 2009; Clarke et al. 2005). Among the information provided among other things is speech recognition from local information (Rosenblum & Saldana, 1996), direction of gait, and action (Vanrie & Verfaille, 2004). In this sense our sensitivity to BM may have given us an evolutionary advantage, providing us with the necessary information to support social coherence, as well as aiding in avoidance of predators giving rise to the notion of our perception of BM as a life detector. The importance of BM, therefore, has raised the question of whether it is an intrinsic quality, which often finds support in…

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