The Definition Of Work As Provided By Meriam Webster Essay

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The Character of Work
The simple definition of work as provided by Meriam-Webster is “a job or activity that you do regularly, especially in order to earn money” (Work, n.d.). While, this is a simple definition of work, I believe it is not the type of work that defines a person but their work character which defines them. To understand the importance of what one does to earn a living, and whether or not work defines them, one should explore these ideas through the works of Dorothy Sayers, Margaret Piercy, and Annie Dillard to come to their own conclusion. In this paper, I explore the above mentioned authors’ ideas and explain the importance of earning a living while being satisfied with work, how I perceive the character of work, and the importance of a balanced work/home life.
For me, work satisfaction ranks higher than salary on the happiness scale. I believe any job worth doing is worth doing well. I am in agreement with Dorothy Sayer‘s (2006), British author, statement “we should clamour to be engaged on work that was worth doing, and in which we can take pride” (p. 194). Early in my work career, I did accept work positions because I needed money to live. I was not necessarily interested in the work, and I found I was not happy and went to work with an unacceptable attitude on most days of the week. My attitude towards the job did not allow me to focus on the output of quality work, which in turn, left me miserable and unhappy. After realizing that if I was not happy…

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