The Definition Of Strategic Planning Essay

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The definition of strategic planning is a process in which a company’s executives decide what they want to achieve and the best action of resources for doing so. Brinckerhoff states that there are four benefits to planning, the focus, community involvement, effective use of resources and disaster avoidance. The first benefit is focus and focus should drive your organization to focus on your work and resources by understanding that who will benefit from what your organization has to offer. Community involvement is the second benefit meaning that you need to get everyone involved in the decision making of the plan to insure that everyone is being look at. While combining the first two benefits your organization will understand what type of resources and how to use them to meet you goal as an organization. Appling these benefits will help your organization be successful and avoid disaster down the road, while understand that things will pop up during your plan and cause you to make changes but doing so by the best means of your mission.
To have a successful plan you need to have goal in place so you are able to measure where you are and your outcome. Five goals that should be achieved are becoming a market-driven and still mission-based organization while becoming a better steward of your resources. Becoming financially empowered while treating everyone with respect and constantly seeking to improve the quality of your work and organization.
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