The Definition Of My Personality Essay

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People oriented, creative, and highly optimistic: the Jungian definition of my personality describes me rather well. I have not always been so extroverted but I have always been creative and optimistic. Throughout this unit I have been reminded of how I have changed over the last few years, how I have grown it to a person that I didn’t necessarily intend to be but am happy with. I think this makes me unique. Not that I have changed my mind a lot but that I have strategically altered my path in a certain direction in order to find happiness in all aspects of my life. I hope, like many others to make a decent living and provide for my family but I mainly want to make a difference in the world somehow.
Thus far in the class I have learned a lot about myself in my undergraduate class I would have never dreamt that I would pursue an MBA or aspire to be a manager of any kind. I really wanted to help people and was driven to become a psychologist. After a couple of years at y job I have learned that I can do more than just help a few people I could manage a company that helps many. But to accomplish this goal I had to of course decide on a degree. Obviously I choose to pursue an MBA, this has been a strategic move in my career and I hope that it will benefit me for many years to come.
Besides my degree I have found others ways of improving myself and practicing myself leadership in a way that benefits both my family and myself. First I have chosen to learn a new skill. This may…

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