Essay on The Definition Of Morality And Morality

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In modern society, people’s behaviors are always judged by other people. So, what is the standard that these people judging your action is good or bad? Besides the strict laws, that is morality, and morality means that “The quality in human acts by which we call them right or wrong, good or evil” (Fagothey 112). In other words, morality is the rule that guides people how to behave, for example, stealing and murdering are things wrong and shouldn’t be done by any human agent. At the same time, there is debate about the origins of morality. Theists believe the existence of God, and they have the same belief as Aquinas did. God is the Creator and the source of everything in the Universe. Morality is the gift from God, and without God, there is no morality. Namely, God determines for his believers what is right and wrong. Having the moral manners makes people much closer to God. In this way, theists claim that God is the only and direct source for morality. It is right for theists. Personally, I stand on the atheist side, rather than merely think God is the sources of morality, I believe morality comes from human. First of all, morality comes from human nature. In this way, every human action originates from their desire and aims the good for themselves, as Spinoza claimed, “The very essence of a human being is desire, that is, a striving by which a man tries to preserve his existence.”(Cottingham 497) The first concern for a person is to fulfill his or her own…

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