The Definition Of Market Research Approach For Her Business

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In this Assessment, I have been giving the task to advise Jennie whether or not she is approaching her market research in the correct way.
The definition of market research is the process of gathering information and analysing the information, about the product that is to be offered in the market. Market research also allows a company to discover who their target market is and what the customers think about the product or service that is to be offered before it is available to the public.
I will be advising Jennie on what market method that she should approach for her business. The two types of market research are primary and secondary. A primary research also knew as field research or face-to-face method, its information that did not exist
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The disadvantages of doing secondary are that the information may no longer be valid as the information is old and it could be information that is not related to what Jennie is looking for particularly.
I believe that Jennie should do a primary research to conduct her potential customers. Jennie should be approaching to people who are shopping for clothes in different age groups, such as the ages of 20-40. Jennie should go to shopping malls and in markets to find her potential customers as this age group are more likely to get married, or people who are planning their wedding in the near future and people who are just buying clothes for their children. The reason why I believe that Jennie clothes are more likely to be rented because the age category that I suggested are more likely to go to special occasions, such as parties or weddings. It is important for Jennie that she should not approach to people who are too old and young as they are not likely to spend money on renting
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The reason why I believe that this question is the most significant because if the majority of people said that they do not want to rent clothes, as they might not be a market for it, this question could reconsider Jennies mind, to sell special occasion clothes instead.
4- Do you do online shopping?
This question should definitely be in Jennie 's questionnaire as there are many people who do online shopping. However, there is advantages and disadvantages of doing online shopping. The advantage is that it is fast, the customers can save time and online shopping stores are open 24/7. It can be beneficial for Jennie as the clothes she puts up for rent can be found quicker which can give Jennie more money than people looking for it in a store which rent clothes.

The disadvantage of doing online shopping is that many people might not be interested using it as they are worried that their credit card information will me hacked and for Jennie her clothes that she gives for might get damaged during transportation from her shop to the customer.
5- Where do you shop for

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