The Definition Of Liberty And Freedom Essay

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Many people in this country have the concept that the words “liberty” and “freedom” have the same definition. Of course, in a sense, their definition share the common meaning, “to be free”. There has been disputes because those two words have a plethora amount of interpretations between people, politics and the government itself. However, modern literary critics and founding father, Thomas Jefferson, have distinguished and defined the definition of liberty and freedom and have elaborated where those two words actually stand in today’s country.
Jed Waverly, who wrote the article, Liberty or Freedom? The difference is amazing”, mentioned and gave enthralling insight as to what exactly is the difference between the two words. He wrote that freedom is the state of being capable of making decisions without having any form of outside forces intruding them. This simply means having free will to do, act, speak and behave without having any type of restrictions from people and even the government.
However, liberty is slightly different from freedom. According to Waverly, liberty is freedom that is granted or given access to the people by outside forces. Again, by outside forces, he means the government itself, organizations, businesses and etc. Commonly examples of liberties that the government provides are found in the first amendment in the constitution such as freedom of practicing religion, freedom of speech, freedom to petition and etc. Those are liberties granted to you so…

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