The Definition Of Health And Wellness Essay

730 Words Sep 30th, 2016 3 Pages
There are many definitions of health and wellness, and these definitions have been changing throughout history until today to find the perfect definition. Health promoters, health organizations, and health experts and scientists still trying to find the best definition of health. They are seeking a definition that applies on this century, and on our life quality. As Godlee stated, the reason why we need a solid and a united definition is to set standards that everyone can achieve. She also pointed out that “the WHO definition is no longer helpful and is even counterproductive” (2011). From my twenty years of exploring life, I found that the best definition of health is happiness, resilience, and of course the absence of any fatal disease. Happiness cannot be described in one word, and each person has their own meaning of it. For me, happiness is a combination of being emotionally mature, believing in a religion, having a comfortable social life, being physically and mentally healthy. Emotions play a great role in our lives; they help us make decisions, therefore, I believe they are an important aspect of being happy. Knowing how to control our emotions, and express them clearly is what makes us emotionally mature. Moreover, following a religion, in my opinion, is like fuel but for souls. Religion gives us answers, fills us with hope, eases stress, and it brings people together. When someone sees a person who shares the same religion or beliefs with him/her,…

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