Essay about The Definition Of Freedom From The 21 Century World

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Is the definition of Freedom different in the 21-century world?
The constitution was originally written in September 17, 1787, shortly after the American Revolution. The constitution was written with the definition of freedom as being completely individualized and having everyone put their opinion on all matters. The founding fathers quickly realized that this system would not work and they ratified the constitution on June 21, 1788 not even a year after it had been originally signed. The people of the newly founded United State wanted one thing, freedom from the British. So they constructed the bill of rights, which is composed of the first 10 amendments, everyman has certain inalienable rights.
Fast-forward 228 years to 2015, our rights are supposed to be the same. However the word freedom is used quiet a bit differently. We have freedoms with in limits. Meaning the people are free but not really free. There have been several additions and changes to the people’s rights there are now 27 amendments all of which can be interpreted several different ways. There are several amendments that come into play when talking about the differing opinions about freedom. Specifically the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments, these four amendments give plenty of examples within each about how the definition of freedom now is different.
Starting of with the first amendment, which is the first inalienable right given to the citizens of the United States. The first amendment states that the…

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