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Family is a world wide word that many people know, but few understand the meaning behind it. Family to me are the people who love me unconditionally as the person I am today. What is family to you? My family are the people who define me as a person, my beliefs and culture are all due to my family’s heritage being passed down throughout our family. Family is a word that has many meanings to many different people. The definition of family is undefinable, to some people family are blood relative to others it might not, in the American history a regular family consist of a mother, a father, and two children, and family to many is the reason they are who they are today.
Family does not always have to be blood relatives, they can be friends, lovers, or the people who are always present in our lives. My parents always told me family are the people you can trust and count on at all times. Blood relatives to many might be the only family that are considered family. In someway blood relatives are always going to be family no matter what happens. Blood might even be the only reason family’s see each other, blood does not always make a family. Family could be made between two friends that trust and
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Our culture and beliefs are what makes us who we are today. All my values, my honesty, and my morals in life today is what was passed down from generation to generation in my family. My outlook in life, my religion, and my beliefs are all shred by my family. Being born in Egypt, makes me different, because of my culture and how I was brought up in my family. Even all the people who I consider family are mostly people who share the same beliefs and culture. When looking at friends, a friend who has something in commen with you is most likely the one who will be family later on. A family could be a group of people who share the same characteristics, who share the same culture, and the same beliefs. A family can have many different meaning to

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