The Definition Of Expectancy Violation Theory Essay

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The term Expectancy is defined as the hope or the person has about something. Expectancy Violation Theory is a theory that explains that how people communicate with other people and how their actions or reactions might violate another person 's thinking or behavior. Behavior to the violation depends upon the culture that they grew up in. Proxemics is the study of space that every person needs to make himself comfortable with others or it is the space that a person gives to another person in their life. They are four categories of Proxemics the first one is the intimate distance that is 0-18 inches this is a very close friend or family member that are really close. The second personal space that is 18 inches-4 feet. The third one is the social space that is 4-10 feet and finally there is the public distance that is 10 feet to infinity. The example of communication is that there is one person by the name of Usman and another person by the name of Mina now man starts to like Mona and tells us that he loves her now he thinks that she probably will slap him in the face but she also confesses to him that she likes him too. This action of her not slapping him in the face is a violation of what Usman had previously expected. Judee Burgoon is the founder of this theory she is a professor at the university of Arizona. In one of the interviews that were conducted of Judee, she told the reason was that she was given the study of proxemics and while working on it. She figured out…

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