The Definition Of Dance In The Movie 'Dr. John Kitchin'

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This short film about Dr.John Kitchin an neurologist who was depressed and unhappy with his life abandon his current life to become Slomo his new identity which makes him happy and fulfill. Throughout the film Slomo talks about what motivate him to engage in movement which was for him to rollerblade on Pacific Beach every day to escape and be free for example from the film Slomo stated “The people that love Slomo are cheering for one person who got away...and escaped and got the real freedom breeze...skate all day...doesn’t apologize...he simply doing what he wants to do.” As a result Slomo motivation for his movement is to escape from that person he was that made him depressed and do what he wants which is to skate all day to be free. Slomo …show more content…
According to King a good dancer is to be who you are, have compassion, have it to gather, technique under their belt, what they are going to bring to the arts, not a clone or knock off, brave, selfless, lost in a role and not lose self consciousness,bring something unique, character, humility.King’s thoughts on why dancer stop reaching their potential would be don 't repeat it the same time, poorly trained, judged on how close they did not come, body is the interference, not train in ideas and not knowing what it really means. The way King explains the quote “the aim of art is higher than art” is that everyone is an artist, you become a masterpiece of humanity, people that are in a art practice are involved in self reform and their changing their lives and becoming finer, thinking and feeling people because of art practices and knowledge that is within the human being. King meaning of dance is witnessing an art where thought is being made visible so that everybody could understand what the choreographer is conveying from within their inner self and the essences of being human and also dance is an art that we are in and our bodies are the art therefore through creating this art with our bodies we as human are empowered, rejuvenated and have a sense of achievement.The purpose of dance is to be one with ourselves and what King means by that is you got see dance as an artform to experiences the deeper feeling so that it could evoke all kind emotions for the dancers and audiences to understand the beauty of dance

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