Good Father Research Paper

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The word father ideally has many definitions that come from both the dictionary and people in general. Just like any other parent or family member every person has a different opinion of what this word truly means from their own perspective based on their life experiences. However, the definition of a good father has is generally something everyone can agree on. In simple terms the “good father” is the foundation for family, one who originates, guards, and provides. The leader, source of strength, inspiration, and will. These qualities are not unknown to any child but, instead rather expected. To list the majority of these characteristic it’s important to over all know what they are, in general terms. To be a good father the key terms that are commonly used to describe these characteristics are provider, protector, kindness, compassion, exemplar, patriarch, and disciplinarian. This list may not be specific but generally it is what describes what the majority believes builds the good father in simple terms. To be a father obviously you have to have a family, when having a family there is a …show more content…
Every child wants love from their parents. It is important for a father to be kind and compassionate, just because they are a part of you. Every child deserves to be shown love that way they can build a relationship with their parents. Having a relationship with your father is important regardless if you are a male or female. No child wants or should feel unwanted by their parents. A father is supposed to be someone you can talk to about problems in your life but, most importantly the person who teaches you the things that will help you in life. Without having compassion or kindness they are incapable to help you nor understand you. This is what forms a bond between a father and their child together, this is rare in most cases, unless you are the good

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