The Definition Of Art Has Long Been Sought After Throughout History

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The definition of art has long been sought after throughout history. Merriam- Webster claims it is “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings”. However, many scholars believe that art is exceptionally hard to define and put in a box. It is more important to look the history of art and be able to understand it rather than knowing an elaborate definition. In other words, it is a social practice. For example, Dr. Mills used an analogy between art and butterfly social practices. Once you’ve pinned down a butterfly to a board, you have killed it. Similarly, when you pin down art with a concise definition, you lessen the meaning behind it. As Dr. Daniel Siedell stated, “Theologians and philosophers tend to exaggerate the importance of defining what ‘Art’ is. But such an effort does more harm than good, focusing too much attention on the abstract categories that generate discussion in the seminar room but are of little if no help to you when standing face to face with a painting” (Siedell, par. 3). Instead of having a succinct definition, we have forms of life, which creates a broad description of art that we can use.

Every person is made in the image of God so we all have these forms of life in common. Forms of life include shared habits, assumptions, values, and ways of communication. By having these in common we do not need to have a clear-cut definition of art because it is ever changing. People…

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