The Definition Of A Good School Essay

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The authors begin this chapter with the definition of a good school. “A good school contributes to the health of a community by taking care of its children and preparing them to contribute to society in the future.” (Hall et all., 2014, p. 130) Then throughout the text, the authors teach the reader from how to comprehend the perspectives about the quality of school and teachers to understanding the role culture plays by influencing teaching and learning. Additionally, the authors explain the relationship between student’s culture and families and the curriculum in schools. Finally, the authors remind the reader to not stereotype students by their families and gives several strategies to utilize parents in the classroom. Overall, the authors’ main focus is on families and culture, because both are significant factors that impact not only a teacher’s curriculum, but the learning of a student as well.
2. What stuck out to you the most from the article (either because you strongly agree or strongly disagree)? Explain why.
The statement, “Although children are advantaged when they live with two caring and loving parents, living with two parents is not essential for success in school and life,” stuck out to me. I agree that students with two parents have an advantage over those students who do not because a stable and healthy environment allows the student to focus solely on school. In contrast, a bad environment may be a distraction or negative impact on a student. Additionally,…

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