The Defining Features Of Capitalism Essay

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One of the defining features of capitalism is the motivation to work hard and have personal success in a society, making it a very individualistic structure of economy, and people must be selfish in order to become successful. In Proverbs, Solomon brings up personal wells and springs of water and says, “Let them be for yourself alone, and not for sharing with strangers” (Proverbs 5:17). Out of context, this sounds like it would be about self prosperity and selfishly keeping one’s water one’s self. In reality, according to the commentary found in The New Oxford Annotated Bible, water is a euphemism for sexual activity between husband and wife and is about faithfulness in marriage. Because being faithful to a spouse does not correlate to selfish hoarding of water, this is not a passage about economic systems at all, but clever symbolism of fertility. Furthermore, the book of Proverbs later contains the passage, “A generous person will be enriched, and one who gives water will get water” (11:24). This exemplifies the importance of sharing. When one shares with another, that person creates an environment of giving, where each person will be more inclined to share with the other people in the community. This kind of environment can be compared to that of communism, where property is shared communally. An important point to make on communism is that although people argue that it is not likely people will ever reach their full potential without the motivation of profit, communism…

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