The Defining Events Of World War II

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One hundred sixty thousand allied troops looked at the heavily-fortified French coast line. By the time the dust had settled more than 9,000 soldiers were killed or wounded to allow 100,000 soldiers to move across Europe to fight the Nazi army. This event will become to be known as D-Day the start to the end of World War II. World War II was between 1939-194, a war between all of the nations. Over Sixty million people died in battle and/or in concentration camp. It has been said that World War II pulled the world out a Great Depression that swept through Europe. The U.S. was hit too with the depression leaving a decimated economics. Supporters of World War II believe that the war brought the world out of the greatest decimated economics. By …show more content…
In particular, Spain was in the middle of a civil war, while at the same time Japan was in the process of taking China over. (The New History of World War II 18-19, The Defining Moments of the War that Shaped the 20th Century 9)Plus, England and French looking for a way to stay of out war tried to win Hitler over by there good will, saying that to avoid conflict was a matter of diplomacy. (Smithsonian 8, The Defining Moments of the War that Shaped the 20th Century 10)Not listening to them Germany moved across Europe taking everything in their path, many of the nations turned to the League of Nations for help. Finding the League of Nations useless, then they turned to the United States for help, also finding them unless, because the United States did not want anything to do with Europe and their wars.(The New History of World War II 21 & 23) The United States believed if they stay out they is be safe but soon relies that was not the case. Seeing that the League of Nation had no power and could not stop Germany. Hitler moved on to his next plan, taking over Poland. Great Britain and France made their moved as Hitler and Russia move their attention to Poland, saying that if Germany set foots in Poland there will be war. Since the League of nations was unless, plus with with Great Britain and France have done thing. Hitler, not believe them, instructed his army to encroach Poland territory, September 1, 1939 with Russica encroach from the other side. The world stood at the front of the the most horrific war in the history book. Therefore goodwill and/or avoid conflict was a matter of diplomacy, sometimes will not want then sometime you have to use

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