The Defensible Space Theory: The Victim Precipitation Theory

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Taking in consideration all the circumstances in this case there are plenty of theories that are relevant to this case. The one that applies the most to this case would have to be the Victim Precipitation Theory. This theory reads, “victimizations result from a number of precipitating factors, one of which is the victim’s behavior, including lifestyle interactions in situations in which deviance and criminality flourish. Simply put, one who undertakes a crime risk activity or participates in a deviant act, however temporarily, takes a chance of becoming either a victim or an offender. The culture or physical environment and one’s social standing may not make a difference in victim-precipitated events. Victim precipitation can be active or passive, …show more content…
Communities with clearly defined territories, natural surveillance, and an image of protection are less likely to be frequented by undesirable types and are more likely to resist the presence of criminals. The defensible space theory suggests that criminals victimize others if the chance that they will be detected is low. Thus detection and victimization are related to the physical environment in which incidents occur.” Meadows, R. J. (2013). If Casey lived in a community that was socially acceptable or even expected of the citizens to report a crime or even screaming coming from a woman to the police, maybe just maybe Carla might have had a chance. Natural surveillance occurs when there are well lit places that have regular people constantly frequenting these places or even security cameras in place where someone could have seen what was happening to Carla. Overall this theory suggests that criminals are willing to take their chances and victimize other if the chances of them getting caught are low. When you take into account the crumbling buildings around where the murder happened, it is easy to see why the victim was killed, there was no natural surveillance, no one to report the crime or even stop it when it …show more content…
The broke windows theory states the following, “As a community deteriorates, crime increases. Factors contributing to such decline are nonenforcement of building codes and overlooking of minor criminal conduct, such as public drinking. Other evidence suggests that high-crime communities in decay appear to have very high concentrations of locations selling alcohol, further influencing incivilities and disorder”
Meadows, R. J. (2013). I should clarify, even though the facts in the broken window theory do promote and even facilitate crime in Carla’s special circumstances it has little to do with contributing to the crime being committed, at least not directly. When a criminal sees a town or even a street that is run down and no one is taking care of it then the criminal might feel safer to commit whatever crime they might feel like doing. Here reason for this is that is the criminal feels that the chances of him getting caught are slim then he might not have to think twice about committing any

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