The Deerslayer Essay

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The Deerslayer “The Deerslayer,” the first novel in the “Leatherstocking Tales” chronologically, yet it was the last one written by James Fenimore Cooper. “The Deerslayer”, also known as “The First War-Path”, is a masterpiece of suspense, adventure, and romance crafted by James Cooper in his later years. The tales of Natty Bumppo, more commonly known as Deerslayer or Leatherstocking, considered by many to be some of the earliest true American novels. Occurring during the early 1740 is as the wars between the French and Indians kindled, the story of Natty Bumppo begins. Lake Otsego, known by the characters as Lake Glimmerglass, in upstate New York is the home of the events that transpire in our tale.
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Natty follows his code of keeping his word, telling the whole truth, and is honorable against his enemies during his warpath. He demonstrates his code when the Huron Indians release him for a shot while from captivity viva the principle of furlough. For his furlough, Deerslayer had to relay a message to those in the castle and had to return with their replies. During this, the herons did not follow him nor did he need an escort since he gave his word that he would return. Unlike the European epic heroes, Deerslayer is not an educated character. The fact is reveled when Hetty, one of Floating Tom’s daughter’ asks him if he wants to read the bible and tells her that he cannot read. Despite this set back Deerslayer shows an erudite that even the old Indian chiefs recognize. Even recognized by first man he dealt with on his warpath recognized it, the dying Indian says to him “young head- old wisdom” (pg 111). Cooper’s unique style of writing that achieves a unity of plot and setting has contributed to the lasting importance of Natty Bumppo’s tale. Cooper’s writes extensive passages of description that at times are almost poetic and hint of artistic beauty. However, these passages show a romantic love of nature they slow and halt the flow of story. Yet without them, The Deerslayer would only be a less satisfying tale of adventure. Cooper’s weakness in the dialogue deals a blow into the occurring, to the point where

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