The Deep Ocean Of Earth Essay

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“Over 60% of our planet is covered by water more than a mile deep. The deep sea is the largest habitat on earth and is largely unexplored. More people have traveled into space than have traveled to the deep ocean realm....” -The Blue Planet Seas of Life. It is hard to believe that most of our planet is made up of vast oceans, practically right under our nose, yet so much is still unknown about it. To think that we have come across so much information, and made so many advances in regards to space, rather than our very own ocean’s depths to the fullest is almost baffling. The deep sea is anything below 1800 m below the surface. Most of the deep sea remains untouched, unseen, and unexplored. Our curiosities of this unknown lead to many stories, myths, and legends about all the possibilities it may hold.
We do know some things about this alluring world. First of all, very little is known due to the environment of the deep ocean being so harsh, yet technological advancements are bringing scientists closer and closer everyday. Life in the deep ocean continues even in total darkness. At 200 m below the surface sunlight fades and photosynthesis is no longer a possibility. At 1,000 m sunlight fades to blackness, yet magically there is some light. In this mysterious dark world flashes, zooms, and swirls of light can be seen all thanks to bioluminescence, which means many creatures here make their own light. To continue, as one travels further below the surface the pressure gets…

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