The Deconstructing Of Gid ( Gender Identity Disorder ) Essay examples

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This peer review article was about the deconstructing of GID (Gender Identity Disorder), due to gender Identity being an evolving disorder that is controversial. The main reason a person suffer from gender Identity is because their gender does not fit their external makeup. In Saralyns’ article she exposes the concealed inner theory and the inconsistency and undermine in its apparent meaning or unanimity. The author also state that “These diagnosis leads to stigmatisms and results in stress, this is why some people reject the diagnosis of GID” (Russell, 2013).
Transsexual theories have been around since 1966, however none of them seem seems fit or respect the individual’s identity diagnosis. According to Russell (2013), Dr. Henry Benjamins is one of the most influential contribution to the transsexual Phenomenon and he rejects psychotherapy for treating GID. Dr. Benjamin is not the only person that disagree with some of the disrespectful humiliating stigmatisms of GID diagnosis that are placed on individual who suffer from gender identity.
Years after the transsexual phenomenon several transsexualism diagnosis/disorders started to appear in the Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder DSM-III: GIDC-Gender Identity Disorder Childhood-this is when gender issues manifest in their early childhood years, next was Gender Identity disorder GID for adults/adolescents, and GIDNOS Gender Identity Disorder Not Specified which labels an individual who has gender…

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