The Declining Significance Of Race By William Wilson And His Argument About Class And Mobility

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This course has introduced me to a multitude of concepts and theories in which I could have possibly never been exposed to outside of here. One particular theory that we have discussed in course has really touched me on a more personal level than the rest. I picked this particular theory of race and ethnicity to critique because it was more of a heart felt subject for me, being considered a minority in all that I do. Throughout this paper I will discuss various aspects that I feel are not only important, but also relevant when it comes to race and being successful in society today. However, I am specifically focusing on the last few pages of “The Declining Significance of Race” by William Wilson and his argument about class and mobility. Granted we cannot choose the race in which we are born, but we should be able to have the same chances as the next person doing the same work that I am. I will support my critiques without side sources that argues against his points of views in which I agree with.
In this article William Wilson puts up the argument that over time class has become more important than race when it comes determining black life-chances in the modern industrial period. Moreover, stating that highly educated African Americans does not have to deal or face the same discrimination and inequality of that as uneducated blacks but are offered the same opportunities as white educated individuals. Wilson is arguing that over time the competition between race and…

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