Essay on The Decline Of The Roman Republic

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The Roman Republic was indeed a prosperous civilization with advancements in literature, poetry, and architecture, but after an unfortunate series of bad rulers and growing barbarian and Germanic tribe power, the Roman Republic declined and eventually split. A desire for military superiority could also be attributed to the fall of the Roman Republic in taking too much land and spreading troops too thin across their borders. A few select leaders partially paused the Roman Republic decline, but the internal damage was already too severe that a fall would be inevitable. The start of the fall began around after Sulla retired in 81 BC, Crassus and Pompey both fought for the consulship. Pompey then proceeded to make a name for himself in fighting off pirates and leading troops in Asia Minor. Pompey thought that all of his accomplishments would allow him to persuade the Senate to take up his suggestions about the East, but they refused. Pompey joined with Crassus and Julius Caesar to form the First Triumvirate. Caesar’s growing power and success made the Senate order Pompey to quell the growing dictatorship of Julius Caesar. The struggling government was not changed and instead, focus was placed on military domination. For this, Julius Caesar was killed, which in turn, erupted a civil war. The Republic needed a ruler to care not for just the affairs of other countries from a military standpoint, but also care for issues within Rome, such as economic struggles and social…

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