The Decline Of The Roman Empire And The British Empire Essay

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One may argue that the Roman Empire or the British Empire and many other empires of the past represent globalization of businesses that were managed by a small group of people located in a single country, to promote and protect their own interest1. The military might be considered as a form of transaction, at times utilized for acquisition and procurement. The success of such empires did not only depend on revenues they provided to their owners but also on how well their outposts were managed. The management was centralized in that all important decisions were made by the headquarters but local managers had to ensure local books were balanced, workers were satisfied and were delivering efficient work. At times the central management would pressure local management to enforce unreasonable demands, which could result in the destruction of the local market or a revolution, such as the one that occurred in 1775. The management of such empires was based not only by force, but also through civil administrations that often played a significant role and there is much to be learned from the history of civil administrations of such empires.

The modern day multinational corporations have not so dissimilar concerns, although obviously means as well as technologies have changed. Kings and emperors are now replaced by shareholders and instead of a national flag it is the brand that must be upheld. This means they must maintain the same look and feel across all the nations they are…

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