The Decline Of The Roman Catholic Essays

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The Roman Catholic is the largest branch of Christianity in the world( Graces- Foley, 94) The reasoning behind the name is the center of the church in person and the location is Vatican City. This differs from Sikhism since the latter religion is one of the world’s youngest religions.
There is a population difference, while the Catholic religion has over 1 billion followers the population of the Sikh religion is only around 30 million. One thing that both Sikhism and Christian Catholics have in common is what the followers were called. Jesus Christ, who is seen as the Catholic religion, had followers who were called his disciples. The followers of Nanack, who is the follower of Sikhism, were known as Sikhs, which translates to the disciples.
A growing concern for the diaspora communities of Sikhism is what to do about the new generations who do know have sufficient knowledge to speak their home language or read the script of their religious texts. This problem is not faced by the catholic religion because the text has been translated into many different languages over the generations.
The belief in the Catholic tradition is that there is one God. This comes in the form a trinity. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Sikhism has been a Monotheistic religion just like the Catholic Tradition. The view of Jesus differs in both religions, in the Catholic religion; Jesus is viewed as the Son of God while in the Sikh tradition Jesus is only viewed as a…

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