The Decline Of The Roman Catholic Church Essay

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When John Wycliffe and John Huss walked the earth, the Roman Catholic Church was a predominant influence in the life of most Europeans. At this point in history, unrest in the church began to grow. These men were among the first who wanted to see reform in the church who had grown increasingly political and wished to fix the doctrine of the church. John Wycliffe and John Huss desired to stop the corruption that had risen within the Catholic church and their lives were devoted in hopes of cleaning up the Church and restoring it.
John Wycliffe The birth of John Wycliffe is uncertain. Scholars go back in forth about where he was born. Per John Leland as cited in John Wycliffe and His English Persecutors, there is no history of the village known as Spresswell, which is believed to be the birth place of Wycliffe; therefore, that could have been the name of the house he was born into. In addition, scholars are unsure of his birth year. The first to write a biography at Wycliffe stated that he was sixty years old at the time of death which means that 1324 was believed to have been the year of his birth. Others believe that it is more likely that his birth year is 1320 because when referring to his childhood at a more mature age, he looked back as if it were further away than 1324. This where people get the understanding that he was born closer to 1320. Wycliffe was believed to have been raised in the Yorkshire community where Lechler believed he began learning Latin from the…

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