The Decline Of The Roman Catholic Church Essay

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Second, during the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, the Roman Catholic Church’s approach to the issue of poverty shifted to include institutions and church-run programs in delivering charity. This shift, evident in a variety of sectors, was advantageous as it allowed more control and efficiency in the delivery of poor relief. For example, “the Quebec model, in which the church rather than the state provided social services, included an array of institutions from schools and hospitals to shelters for the poor, foundlings, prostitutes, and the aged (Hick, 2014, p. 36). Although the Roman Catholic Church was still the primary giver of poor relief in Quebec, institutions helped to provide relief during this era. The Roman Catholic Church also prospered from financial support. Donovan (1976) described the prominent role that the Catholic clergy began to play in the delivery of poor relief, through donating money to help fund the charitable work that the Church undertook (p. 211). The added donations from the clergy helped Catholic charitable works to succeed and increase.
Additionally, the hospital was a chief institution delivering caritas in the 18th and 19th centuries. Still incorporating Catholic beliefs, the hospital assisted in delivery of charitable donations. Kahl (2005) described, that “through the personal giving of alms, it guaranteed that the alms reached the recipient, ensuring the donors’ salvation” (p. 100). She further explained how the…

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