The Decline Of The Roaring Twenties Essay example

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Have you ever had a recurring nightmare? Chances are you have, they are very common. And believe it or not America has had one too. During the the early 1900’s America was involved in an extreme depression, caused by the crash of the Stock Market. nearly 50 years later, America is yet again at bay with another economic struggle. Both recessions that occurred left America vulnerable yet again.

The Roaring Twenties was an iconic time in the early 1900’s. The prohibition on alcohol was ratified, and women were granted the right to vote. Fighting in Germany during World War l had ended, things were finally turning around for America. More Americans are living in urban areas rather than rural territory. America had become an industrial powerhouse almost over night, until the crash of the stock market. After September 1929, America was going to hit rock bottom, and coming back from such a dramatic defeat was going to be a difficult task. People all over America are losing their jobs, and forced to leave their homes. Oklahoma and the Great Plains suffered from an extreme drought, and winds began to pick up. Stripping away the topsoil, enormous clouds of dust were produced from the excess dirt. It caused farmers to lose their jobs, and others developed asthma from it. People’s livelihood were crushed by the harsh winds of the Dust Bowl. The winds that picked up the dust were so strong that they carried it all the way to the east coast, people panicked. Broke, and not being able to…

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